Think Royln

Think Royln Guitar Strap

Color: Fringe

Guitar shoulder strap now available for purchase to use in combination with the bag of your choice.  The metallic hooks allow you to wear it on the shoulder or as a cross-body. Designed to give you options.

Fringe Strap is nonadjustable. It is 40" in length.

Straps Available in: Fringe, Black Pewter White, Gold Camo, and Silver Camo and Pride.

      Our cross body straps are adjustable.  At the shortest length it measures:
    • 30 and 3/4 inches including the hardware
    • 27 inches without the hardware.
    • At the longest length it measures:
    • 54 and 3/4 inches including the hardware
    • 51 inches without the hardware
    • The slide metal hardware always for adjusted lengths between the shortest and longest lengths.  The clip hardware always for this detachable strap to be added to various Think Royln bags and other favorites. 

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